New Biofuels & Processing Technology


Development of improvement for the production processes of clean fuel (e.g. efficiency of transformation to ethanol, new catalyst to process oil and fats to biodiesel, new extraction and pre-treatment technologies) and development of processes for new biofuels (e.g. biobutanol). This also includes development of bio-based hydrocarbon fuels which properties resemble fossil petroleum and/or gasoline ("renewable hydrocarbons").

Latest Editorial327

LanzaTech raises USD60m to turn waste gas into fuels
26 Mar 14
LanzaTech and Evonik form development partnership for bioplastics
10 Dec 13
Nottingham Uni lands USD2.25m to develop biofuels from waste rice straw
21 Nov 13
Bill Gates joins biofuel firm KiOR’s USD100m funding
22 Oct 13
Department of Agriculture offers USD181m to biofuel developers
22 Oct 13
Amyris lands USD35m loan
10 Oct 13
Mustard 21 Canada lands USD4.9m in funding
08 Oct 13
BASF snaps up biotechnology firm Verenium
24 Sep 13
Ethanol producer Green Plains to raise USD100m
20 Sep 13
Cool Planet Energy scores USD19.4m to produce clean fuels
19 Sep 13

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