New Biofuels & Processing Technology


Development of improvement for the production processes of clean fuel (e.g. efficiency of transformation to ethanol, new catalyst to process oil and fats to biodiesel, new extraction and pre-treatment technologies) and development of processes for new biofuels (e.g. biobutanol). This also includes development of bio-based hydrocarbon fuels which properties resemble fossil petroleum and/or gasoline ("renewable hydrocarbons").

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Total, Bill Gates Invest USD14m In Biomass Firm Renmatix
16 Sep 16
ARENA Invests USD1.8m In Biofuel Lab
23 Jun 16
Nissan Developing Bioethanol-Powered Electric Vehicles
15 Jun 16
Aemetis Acquires Cellulosic Ethanol Tech Firm Edeniq
06 May 16
Brazil's Installed Biomass Capacity Increased 6% YOY In 2015
18 Mar 16
Benchmark Renewable Energy To Invest USD95m In Jamaican Cellulosic Ethanol Plant
08 Mar 16
White Mountain Biodiesel To Expand Its North Haverhill Plant
29 Feb 16
Alliance BioEnergy Plus Buys Out AMG Energy Group
24 Feb 16
DOE Offers Funding For Bio Products To Enable Biofuels
23 Dec 15
Enerkem Raises USD115.7m To Turn Waste To Energy
09 Sep 15

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