New Biofuels & Processing Technology


Development of improvement for the production processes of clean fuel (e.g. efficiency of transformation to ethanol, new catalyst to process oil and fats to biodiesel, new extraction and pre-treatment technologies) and development of processes for new biofuels (e.g. biobutanol). This also includes development of bio-based hydrocarbon fuels which properties resemble fossil petroleum and/or gasoline ("renewable hydrocarbons").

Latest Editorial337

DOE Offers Funding For Bio Products To Enable Biofuels
23 Dec 15
Enerkem Raises USD115.7m To Turn Waste To Energy
09 Sep 15
Celtic Renewables Secures USD739,433 To Develop Biofuel From Whisky
16 Mar 15
UK's Department For Transport Launches USD39m Biofuel Competition
11 Dec 14
The US Department Of Energy Is Awarding USD13.4m For 5 Bio Projects
10 Oct 14
Gevo Eyes Break Even As It Pockets USD26m - Rumour
27 Aug 14
Amyris Secures USD11m For Bioengineered Products
15 Aug 14
Invista And LanzaTech Team Up For Gas Fermentation Tech
14 May 14
Boeing And Embraer Team Up For Biofuel Research
13 May 14
Lufthansa partners with Gevo for alcohol-based jet fuel
25 Apr 14

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